Ness Romania targets 20-percent increase in 2009

Ness Romania, supplier of IT services and systems, plans to increase its turnover by 20 percent in 2009, counting on the public sector, daily Financiarul reports.
Dragos Nicolaescu, country manager of the American supplier of IT services has big plans for the company.
„It is the right moment to convince the decision makers in the public administration that without the implementation of a ERP they cannot take fundamental solutions, given that the public sector itself is looking for control and efficiency solutions, Dragos Nicolaescu told Financ iarul.
40 percent of the Ness Romanian business is currently generated by projects in the public administration while 60 percent come from the utility sector, where Ness Romania is market leader. The company will start a new business-unit as of 2010 for the financial-banking system.
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