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Number of banking system employees, down by almost 1,200

President of the Romanian Banking Institute (IBR) Petru Rares stated on Friday within the conference „Programme and anti-crisis measures following agreements with International Monetary Fund and European Commission.
What we expect from the Government, the National Bank and the banks?”, organized in Targu Mures (center), that nationwide the number of banking system staff was reduced, also translated into a halt of the territorial chain development.
Petru Rares said that at the end of 2008 there were 70,622 employees in the banking system, but that unfortunately the 6,553 branches have shed a number of 1,200 employees.

He emphasized that „complex” times are ahead for the banking system, generated by international and national challenges, the risk perception and consumers’ restraint – both corporate and individuals – in relation to the banking system and that IBR, together with Romania’s National Bank (BNR) and other specialized bodies in this field, is trying to increase population’s knowledge about the financial banking community.
IBR President also said that, according to some analyses made during some other worldwide periods of crisis, economy revival might take approximately 1.9 years and the average GDP decline is of 9.3 percent.
„Starting 1990, cross-border capital fluctuations accounted for 5.2 percent of the global GDP and now they account for a fifth of the global GDP. (…) China has turned into the world’s locomotive. Bank representatives in Romania consider the number 1 priority at the moment preservation of their client base, given that in the past six months it has started to dwindle anyhow. At the same time, the bankers said that the lending pace will never see highs as in the past four years”, Petru Rares also said.

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