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Ovidiu Silaghi: 90 pct of SMEs under crisis threat

Ovidiu Silaghi, former Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises, Commerce, Tourism and Liberal Professions, considers that more than 90 pct of small companies are affected by the current economic crisis.
Ovidiu Silaghi, who runs for MEP on behalf of the National Liberal Party (PNL), said in an interview for Agerpres that there are over 500,000 SMEs registered in Romania, but the global economic crisis poses a threat for the activity of nearly 90 percent thereof.

„The SMEs are by far the most prolific job generators, both at European and local level: they are strongly rooted in local and regional communities and are a guarantee of social cohesion and stability. Fully unlocking their growth potential and capacity to create new jobs is a priority and in order to make possible the full use of their innovative capabilities, national and European policies need to shift focus to this sector,’ Silaghi said.
He considers that the outcomes of the policies should be applied concomitantly with business cost minimization, streamlined procedures conceived so as to protect SMEs from the adverse effects of new laws, and says that SMEs should be allowed to submit financial reports only once at national level.
Silaghi stated that the so-called „government of the four roses” is expected to effectively send Romanian economy on the ropes.
„Just for strangers’ eyes, the Ministry of Finance throws various ideas on the market like this ‘lump-sum tax’, for us to learn in the end that the agreement signed with the IMF sets forth this mandatory minimum tax, paid in advance. In justification for the introduction of this measure, the Boc government said that it also exists in France. (…) Such a measure hits small entrepreneurs in particular, it wipes out all the theories of the Boc government as to the care for the needy,” said Silaghi.

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