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Pavel Abraham believes he is representative of civil society

Independent candidate in election for European Parliament (EP) Pavel Abraham was on Thursday, May 21, in the county of Bihor (western Romania), where he was on Thursday, May 21, in the county of B ihor (western Romania), where he met the reserve staff of the Ministry of National Defence (MapN) and the Ministry of Administration and the Interior, whom he talked with the problems they have, as well as about his projects, in case he reaches Brussels.
Pavel Abraham, former president of the Anti-Drug National Agency, believes he is a representative of the civil society. Other segments he represente and which he hopes to be supported by are active military staff, the civil servants, as a whole, pensioners, the teaching staff and the middle class.
During a press conference, the independent candidate defended the pensioners coming from the National Defence Ministry and the Ministry of the Interior, stressing that the current rulers unjustly accuse them that they are the luxury pensioners and tries to forbid them to get incomes other than the pensions, or threaten them with cutting those pensions.

Abraham mentioned that, for that matter, averagely, the pension of the forrmer military staff stands at 2,000 lei.
On the other hand he criticized the poor equipping both of the police stations, and of the gendarmes.
In his capacity as Euro-deputy, Pavel Abraham intends to create and opportunity, by common projects, to be used the practice of the Romanians who „went to gather strawberries or in the construction field abroad. To be more exact, he proposes the granting of bonuses to Romanians, for returning home and working in agriculture and constructions.”
The slogan of Pavel Abraham in this campaign is „We have something to say in Europe. Now!” and the electoral sign is the oaktree. In order to reach the EP Abraham needs 100,000-180,000 votes, function of the number of voters.

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