PD-L launches its Bucharest European election candidates

The Bucharest organisation of the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L), a partner in the ruling coalition, on Thursday launched its candidates for the European election, an event hosted by the Masca Theatre House, where also attending where chief of the organisation Liviu Negoita, the party’s Secretary General Vasile Blaga and Tourism Minister Elena Udrea.
Negoita said that the main themes of the European election campaign, as far as PD-L is concerned, are the concept of family and the concept of solidarity.
Presidential adviser Crsitian Preda, one of the candidates of the PD-L Bucharest organisation for the European election, argued that the left has generated inequalities and disparities for the time it was in power, the longest in the country’s post-1989 history, but it still claims it campaigns for social equality and decent life.
Preda also argued that voting for the National Liberal Party (PNL), now in the opposition, ‘is twice wrong: first, because they are no liberals, since they are strongly left-bent, and secondly because they run in a group that has no influence in the European Parliament.’
Social solidarity and pensions were mentioned by Traian Ungureanu is his speech. He said ‘PD-L is the only party to remember this issue’ and consequently introduce a guaranteed minimum pension law and campaign for a uniform public pension law.
‘The Social Democratic Party (PDL’s coalition partner) and the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) are talking about Traian Basescu and the presidential election, with an eye to the presidential run off. We are tackling the pension issue,’ said Ungureanu.
Tourism Minister Elena Udrea pointed out that, although only five months in office, the Boc Government has already taken some measures that were its electoral promises. ‘When we made promises, we did not know that PNL was stealing and was about to leave us empty handed.
The economic and financial crisis has to be solved not only in Romania, but also in Europe and elsewhere in the world. That is why we are sending the best people to the European Parliament,’ said Udrea.

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