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Romania can be proud of its academic education

Romania can be proud of its university education, and it has to have the dignity to assert even its superiority as regards the idea and professional training of the academics, said, on Friday, ForM in Cristian Diaconescu, at the opening of UNESCO forum for higher education in the European region, held at the Parliament Palace.
In South-Eastern Europe, in point of higher education and of the way in which the training in university centers takes place and of the way in which the training in university centers takes place, the future professional capability of those who will end this institutions represent arguments we can be proud of not only at national level, but also at international one, Diaconescu also said.
He voiced conviction that one of the conclusions of the meeting in Bucharest, attended by over 200 academics from Europe and the United States can go in the direction assuming a responsibility as regards the equality of treatment and of recognition of high-performance university studies.

According to Diaconescu, in the context of the declaration of the year 2000 as the year of creativity and innovation, the themes proposed for debate in the forum can be the bases of a direction in the European academic dialogue.
„This forum can be a valuable intellectual platform of debate of the educational policies, which will generate a fruitful opinion exchanges on the current themes in the European higher education, offering an opportunity to synthesize important proposals for a world conference on higher education, to be held in Paris, in July 2009, Diaconescu added.
He stressed that Romania is ready to develop and diversify its forms of cooperation with UNESCO in the field of education.

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