Rompetrol expands petrol stations’ network

Rompetrol Downstream, the retail division of oil group Rompetrol will continue expansion this year, too, when according to the company’s representatives the fuel consumption might go down 20 percent.
Therefore, according to daily Ziarul Financiar, Rompetrol Downstream aims to build 75 selling points, most of them being internal bases, namely fuel reservoirs placed in the big consumers’ yards. In the first four months of the year, the company opened 14 new petrol stations, five own stations and 9 mobile stations Rompetrol Expres on an investment worth over $10 million.
‘We plan to continue this year the expansion and strengthening of the petrol stations’ network, and the development of new premium products. In 2009, we plan to open 75 petrol stations in Romania, of which 5 own stations, 40 Rompetrol Expres and 25 internal bases, devoted to big fuel consumers,’ said Titov Buzescu, general manager of Rompetrol Downstream and vice-president of retail and marketing of Rompetrol group.
Rompetrol Downstream is to reach 525 fuel supply points compared to over 450 held at present, a higher number compared to the number of stations which operate under Petrom’s logo on the local market, 449 units.
The main difference between the two networks is, however, the fact that in Petrom’s case all the supply points belong to the company, but they are administered by dealers, and there are no stations such as Expres, whereas in Rompetroľs case many petrol stations are in the Partner system, namely they are held by another owner, but they sell Rompetrol fuel and there’s the system of mobile petrol stations Expres, such as the one of internal bases.
Through the 14 petrol stations opened in the first four months of the year, Rompetrol Downstream set up 110 new jobs. Rompetrol Downstream reported in the first three months of the year net profit worth $14.7 million compared to losses worth $8.4 million in the same period one year ago and turnover worth $344 million, down 33 percent over $510.1 million of the first three months of 2008.
The company reported a 2-percent curbing in the sales of fuel made through the retail segment, 22 percent in the system of partners and 11-percent rise in the wholesale segment, according to the company’s financial report.

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