Small-size copy of Burj Al Arab in Mamaia

A small-size hotel of the famous Burj Al Arab of Dubai will be achieved in Mamaia resort on the Black Sea (south-east) by an investment fund of Asia, starting next year, a construction which aims to revolutionize the architectonical design of the area.
The Asian investment fund has recently bought in exchange for 550,000 euros a plot of land of 442 square metres on the bank of Siutghiol Lake of Mamaia, the construction’s project and the city planning certificate to carry out a small-size copy of the hotel in Dubai.
The Black Pearl project was bought from ECSIF Properties, an investment fund in the segment of luxury real state.
The new construction of Mamaia, situated near hotels Rex ad Scandinavia, will be named Boutique Hotel and will have 78 floors, 17 luxury apartments facing the sea and the lake.
According to representatives of ECSIF Properties despite the financial crisis, the luxury remains a safe and attractive investment in Romania and the plots of land in downtown Mamaia are well assessed and sought-after by real estate investors.
Burj Al Arab is one of the world’s highest and luxurious hotels, a symbol of Dubai, situated on an artificial island of 280 metres away from the Jumeirah beach. The building has 60 floors and is 321-m high.

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