Transdinester confict, evaluated by Aurescu and Christopoulos

The Transdiester conflict and the situation in the Georgian separatist regions of South Ossetia and Abhazia were approached, on Thursday, by secretary of state for strategic affairs Bogdan Aurescu and ambassador Chralampos Christopoulos, special representative for frozen conflicts of the Greek presidency in office of OSCE, who is in Bucharest, informs a press release of the Romanian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
Ambassador Christopoulos stressed the efforts made by the Greek presidency of the Organization, at the beginning of this year, in order to identify solutions to „the frozen conflicts, in the OSCE space, held in Brussels, informs a press office of the Romanian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
Bogdan Aurescu voiced the support of the Romanian party as regards the efforts of the Greek presidency in office of the OSCE for these files. He also stressed the role the Organization can play, taking into account the potential of the measures of increase of the confidence among the players involved in the identification of a solution.
The Romanian dignitary reiterated the relevance of the current negotiation format „5±2± (the Republic of Moldova and Transnistria as involved parties, Russia, Ukraine and the OSCE as mediators and the European Union and the United States as observers) as the only forum during which validated can be a long-lasting political solution, observing the territorial sovereignity of and integrity of the Republic of Moldova.
Aurescu voiced hope in the support of the Romanian party for the resumption, the soonest, of the negotiations in this format.
He also said that the Romanian party supports the proposal of the Greek chairmanship of keeping the presence of the OSCE in Georgia, he voiced regret for the recently announced suspension of the negotiations on this topic.
Ambassador Christopoulos is in Romania following an invitation of the Romanian Minister for Foreign Affiars Cristian Diaconescu, on the occasion of a working meeting held on the sidelines of a visit by Romanian ForMin in the international organizations in Vienna (April 30, 2009).
During the visit, ambassador Chistopoulos also had a working meeting at the level of general directors in the Foreign Ministry.

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