2009 Forum of Romanian Community in Italy is organized in Milan on Saturday and Sunday

The Federation of the Romanians’ Association in Italy (FARI) on Saturday and Sunday organizes the second Forum of the Romanian Community in Italy, an event to which they invited, besides Romanian and Italian politicians, the Romanian world champions Catalina Ponor, Monica Rosu, Viorica Susanu, Marian Dragulescu and Mihai Leu.
„A concrete pledge to improve the image of the Romanians in Italy, to reassert the historical and cultural ties connecting us, to convey a unitary message of a numerous but especially responsible community, capable to propose and promote positive values, strongly stating the wish for a better integration and living together in the Italian society and preserving the values of our identity beyond the negative job of an insignificant minority,” this is how a release issued by the organizers sums up the aims of this meeting.
The Italian MEPs Mario Walter Mauro and Cristiana Muscardini, Vice-President of the Senate Emma Bonino and Vice-Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Rocco Buttiglione, deputy of the Italian minority in Romania’s Parliament Mircea Grosaru, senator for the Romanian diaspora Viorel Badea, representatives of the Italian and Romanian civil society, Romanian and Italian entrepreneurs, leaders and members of the associations making up FARI but also simple praiseworthy Romanians in Italy will attend the above-mentioned event among others.
Some of the subjects dealt with in the various sections of the meeting are the image of the Romanians in Italy, the observance of their political rights as European citizens, the educational identity, the new opportunities for the Romanian and Italian entrepreneurs, the Christian cultural roots of the two peoples.
FARI defines itself as a non-profit, apolitical organization, set up in 2008 through the adhesion of a group of associations that worked independently before, with a view to consolidating a communication and information network between the various organizations of the Romanians in Italy and to creating, in this context, a channel of cooperation with the Italian authorities for the management of possible „crises” of the kind that has unfortunately appeared lately.
The first Forum of the Romanian Community in Italy was organized in May 2008 in Milan too, with the direct involvement of Romania’s Government and at the request of the then Premier Calin Popescu-Tariceanu.
The main result of this first forum was the assumption of the aim of setting FARI as a unitary tribune quite representative for the numerous associations of the Romanians in the Italian Peninsula, which should work more coherently in the relations with the Romanian and Italian authorities.

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