Desertification combating programme

Minister of the Environment Nicolae Nemirschi said again on Friday, in Slatina (southern Romania), that the Government had a programme meant to combat desertification, a process affecting extensive farmland in the entire southern Romania.
Nemirschi admitted that the desertification problem was a real threat to the counties in Oltenia (southern region) too and after seeing the possible implications of the phenomenon, he immediately ordered combating measures to be taken.

„The desertification problem is a real one in the southern region of this country … I have seen, it is real and I have asked for information from experts immediately. This is how I learnt that, at this pace, the farm output would decrease by 60 percent in 20 years,” said the Minister.
He made it clear that, with a view to combating desertification, 2.5 million euros were allocated this year for making protective forest belts in southern Romania. These funds will be used to afforest 10,000 hectares.
In Slatina too Nemirschi mentioned that the environment legislation would be changed, namely by giving harsher punishments to polluters.

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