Elena Udrea speaks about re-introduction of all privatized assets into tourist circuit

Minister of Tourism Elena Udrea thinks that the owners who left tourist assets derelict, taken over from the state following the privatization process, could be forced to sell or to re-introduce them into the circuit by the application of a „stinging” tax and customs policy.
Elena Udrea, who paid a working visit on Saturday to Covasna County (center), mainly referred to the owners of some seaside assets, who invested no money at all into their modernization, have failed to use them for years on end, nor want to sell them either.
You cannot force them to sell, but you can apply them a policy of taxes and customs. At a given moment, maybe it would prove non-profitable to keep these accommodation structures off the tourist circuit, if you have to pay very big taxes and customs to the state”, said Elena Udrea.
She also emphasized that as regards Bucharest, the Ministry of Tourism has a separate programme of Capital’s introduction into the international tourist circuit, to be visited the same as some other capitals worldwide, reminding to this end the projects of using the thermal water resources existent in this zone.


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