Emil Boc: Government has one single ministry, of job defence

The chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party (PD-L), Premier Emil Boc, said on Saturday, in Iasi (eastern Romania), that ensuring jobs, absorption of European funds, investments in infrastructure were still a priority for the ruling political group he represented.
Boc reiterated the fact that, starting in April, there were economically encouraging signs, but he added that although the exchange rate of the leu was stabilized and the budget revenues were higher, „we must not think that all that glitters is gold.”
„We keep things going and I can say that, at present, the Government has one single ministry, the ministry of job defence,” Emil Boc told the Liberal Democrats that were on Saturday in the Trade Union House in Iasi to attend the launch of the candidates in the europarliamentary elections for Romania’s north-eastern region.
The Premier also mentioned the measures taken by the Government, inter alia, in the field of investments in infrastructure, of supporting the business environment and the fact that on Wednesday they would start the First House project meant for the young people who do not have a house yet.
At the end of his speech the PD-L leader said that Romania’s north-eastern region drew the most numerous irredeemable European funds, a reason for which he voiced hope that the Moldavians would go on bringing structural funds to Romania.
More than 1,000 PD-L members and supporters on Saturday, in the Trade Union House in Iasi, attend the launch of the candidates in the europarliamentary elections for Romania’s north¬eastern region.
PD-L leader Emil Boc went to Iasi and was accompanied by Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Roberta Anastase, Ministers Monica Iacob-Ridzi and Toader Paleologu as well as by vice-chairmen Gheorghe Flutur and Gheorghe Stefan.
The following Liberal Democrats were launched in the europarliamentary elections in Iasi: Theodor Stolojan, Monica Macovei, Traian Ungureanu and Cristian Preda.

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