First wind turbine installed in Orsova

The first wind turbine in the wind park under construction on Dranac hill (west), at an altitude of some 320 meters, situated in Orsova municipality perimeter, was finalized, mayor Constantin Bragaru told.
According to the mayor, a number of 24 wind turbines will be placed in this zone, which will capture the air currents power (minimum 6.5 meters/second), three of them being set to supply electricity to Orsova, two to Ilovita commune (Mehedinti County) and 19 to Toplet town (Caras¬Severin County).
„In two weeks the most, this wind turbine will supply the first kilowatts to the national power grid, the whole investment becoming fully operational in the first quarter of 2010”, stressed Bragaru.
The wind turbine park in Orsova, with an installed power of some 50 Megawatts/hour, is to bring a monthly profit of 250,000 euros to beneficiaries. Total investment value to implement this project is up to 60 million euros, the price of a turbine ranging between 1.2 and 1.8 million euros.
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