PD-L, the only party with European programme for elections in June, says Emil Boc

The chairman of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (PD-L), Premier Emil Boc, said on Friday, May 22, that the Liberal Democrats were the only ones with a European programme for the elections to be held on June 7.
„PD-L is the only party with a European programme for these elections, whereas the political rivals only make attacks against President Basescu and deal with domestic questions,” Boc told an election rally held in the sports hall of the city of Bacau (eastern Romania) on launching the candidates of the party in the europarliamentary elections.
Side by side with PD-L vice-chairman Gheorghe Flutur, with the main candidates in the europarliamentary elections, with the leaders of the PD-L branch in Bacau, Emil Boc told the almost
2,000 members and supporters of the party from all over the county „who is and what the group he has been leading wants.”
Inter alia Emil Boc reminded the people present there of the most recent social and economic measures taken by the Government: the minimum guaranteed pension, the First House programme, lowering the prices of natural gas, investments in infrastructure, etc.
The participants were shown a film about the history and progress of PD-L and a montage about the European people’s family, to which PD-L belongs.
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