PM Boc: Salaries, pensions and state allowances paid in due time

PD-L president and Romanian Government Premier Emil Boc on Sunday assured the over 3,000 Brasov-based citizens (central Romania) present in Piata Sfatului on the occasion of the launch of the Liberal-Democratic Party candidates to the European Parliament from the Region 7 Centre that all salaries, pensions and state allowances will be paid in due time, while in the countries around Romania the salaries and pensions decrease by 20 percent, and as regards Hungary the VAT soared to 25 percent.
„We keep the situation under control and the first positive signs have started to turn up in April. The leu-euro exchange rate has stabilized, we have maintained the single flat tax, and we have recently launched the most ambitious project capable to give the Romanians the possibility to have one’s own first house.
As of June, the Romanians will be able to buy a house, the state guaranteeing up to 60,000 euros for purchase. Likewise, starting with July 1, the gas price will drop and the SMEs and agriculture will receive much support”, Emil Boc specified.
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