Spain: League of Romanian students abroad seeks „brain drain” reverse

League of Romanian students abroad (LSRS) plans to promote Romanian students’ mobility, their studies abroad, but also to encourage them to return home because the „brain drain” must cease, said vice- president Dragos Preda who presented in Madrid the league’s activity and its representative in Spain.
„The league’s general vision is connected to the mobility promotion as for the studies abroad for university and high school students, as well as their return home”, announced Dragos Preda, appreciating at the same time that „this Romanian brain drain must cease to exist because the time has come to import them, to bring them back home; in crisis situations, as the current one, this is a must”, he said.
According to Ciprian Munteanu, LSRS representative to Spain: „Students finish their studies in Romania, then leave abroad; but why cannot we do as during the two world wars: youth to study abroad and then return home. This because a lot is to be accomplished home, more than here”, he said.
LSRS was set up in Jan. 2009 and, in March, its representatives signed a Memorandum of cooperation with Romania’s Senate. According to vice-president Preda, LSRS cooperates with the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the one of Education, seeking to become a representative organization for the Romanian students abroad.
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