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Traian Basescu present in rustic festival, in Bistrita Nasaud

President Traian Basescu, present on Sunday in the rustic festival called the high school students „Maialul” in Nasaud, stated that this is probably the town which gave the highest number of academicians.
„This town gave Romania Cosbuc, Rebreanu, the first Romanian Orthodox Church Patriarch Miron Cristea”, said Basescu in a short speech pronounced in front of those present.
He also appreciated that people in Nasaud zone have very beautiful traditions, such as „Ispas”, through which they prove their belief in God, the householder’s celebration, expression of the people’s diligence in the respective zone, as well as „Maialul”, when school is celebrated, together with those dedicated to education.
„Your joy comes from the pride this place inhabitants take in their own history, a history dating back 2,000 of years ago, during the Roman Empire, consolidated by the famous and historical border regiment”, said the President.
He also appreciated that Nasaud zone is one of strong Romanian traditions and culture, fully aware of offering numerous personalities to the country.

„And today, during this festival, you wear your traditional costumes, sing Nasaud songs, and do not forget being one of the great providers of Romanian culture and traditions. The pride to be Nasaud born can be read on all your faces. (…)
I wish to thank you and am deeply grateful for your contributions to the Romanians’ history and for what you are about to provide to the future generations of Romanians”, emphasized the head of state.
He said he was impressed by the big number of people present in the event and conveyed them his respect and love, wished them good health and joy together with their families, and also told them to „Live well!”.
„Maialul” is a rustic, spring festival, but for Nasaud town it has a special connotation. Almost a century and a half ago, after the Revolution of 1848 was reprimanded, Nasaud high school students organized „Maialul” in the aim to keep on the Romanian language and traditions, as a form of protest against the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.
Since then „Maialul” remained the most looked forward to festival for the young people in Nasaud and the zone. This year edition will give the start to the „Days of Nasaud Town” to be concluded with a big festival, where about 50 folklore formations from all over the country are expected.

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