BNR: Bank provisions up more than 35 pc in Q1

Provisions made by the commercial banks to alleviate lending exposure rose significantly in the first quarter of 2009, by more than 35.1 percent, to 10.252 billion lei (some 2.38 billion euros – editor’s note) compared to 7.586 billion lei at the end of December 2008, according to Romania’s National Bank (BNR) monthly bulletin published on Friday, May 22, on this institution’s web site.
In March 2008, bank provisions stood at 4.376 billion lei, the surge in the past 12 months exceeding 134 percent.
Greatest provision part is for loans classified as loss – 8.293 billion lei, the remainder for standard loans – 526.1 million lei, monitored loans – 474 million lei, substandard loans – 475.2 million lei, doubtful loans – 483.5 million lei.
At the end of March 2009, the number of individuals falling back on their loan repayment amounted to 511,207, a slight drop from February – 515,506.

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