Cyber crime, aimed mainly at gaining material benefits

Most cyber crimes in Romania are currently aimed at the illegal gaining of material benefits,” said Eduard Bisceanu, expert in information security with the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), at the opening of a conference dubbed CyberSecurity.
Bisceanu did not made public the official number of such crimes, but mentioned that the Romanian Police, through its subordinated institutions, can supply such data. Bisceanu specified that not only Romania, but also other EU countries and NATO partners are victims of the cyber crime.

„The danger of cyber terrorism is significant for both Romania and the NATO and EU states. There area several cyber crime cells in Romania and they have the capacity to initiate IT attacks,” Bisceanu explained.
However, he stated that no individuals, groups or organizations able to pose a threat to national security have been found on Romania’s territory.
Cyber crime cases in Romania in 2008 targeted mainly the bankcard fraud. According to the General Department for the Combat of Organized Crime (DGCCO), losses of 500 million euro are expected in 2009.

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