Dacia to export more than 80 percent of its production this year

Automobile Dacia Co. is to export this year more than 80 percent of the estimated production for 2009, of over 250,000 cars, on the backdrop of a weak demand on the domestic market, representatives of Automobile Dacia told Business Standard daily.
„After Germany, we will continue to enhance our presence on some other markets, mainly in Western Europe because the exports will be fundamental this year despite the Car scrapping programme in Romania. At least 80 percent of the production will be exported in 2009”, underlined Dacia representatives.
Automobile Dacia planned at 2008-start a full-year production of 320,000 units, level gradually reduced to 260,000-270,000 units and later on to 230,000 units.
For 2009, Dacia had programmed, prior to the crisis, a production of 400,000 units, of which 120,000 units set to be sold on the domestic market.
But following the first crisis signs, this year, the company announced that as a result of an increased demand on the foreign markets, especially in Germany, it would hire approximately 500 workers from the temporary contracting staff who was laid off in winter.
Other 400 temporary workers will benefit of the lengthening of their labor contracts. Dacia officials said that the output currently reached 1,340 units per day in order to meet export demand.
Dacia sales on the Romanian market dropped by almost 17 percent in 2008 as against 2007, to 84,719 units, whereas worldwide demand advanced 12 percent in the same interval, to 258,472 units.

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