Daciana Sarbu: I wish to continue in the EP the projects already started

The Social-Democratic MEP Daciana Sarbu, candidate for a new term to the European Parliament, said that she wished to continue the projects she has already started in the European Parliament.
„I believe that it won’t be too hard for me to complete what I have decided to do, on one hand given that I’ ll have an entire 5-year term to do that, and on the other hand because I’ll have the advantage of a certain experience, as in the two years in Brussels I made myself familiar with the European Parliament and its bodies.
This means that one can lobby there, be strong in a parliamentarian group and in a committee”, the Social-Democratic MEP told.
Daciana Sarbu specified that, in the two years of mandate as MEP, she has started a series of projects on the „environment” and „Romanians abroad” fields, which she is targeted to approach in her future term, along with other things which could occur and be debated and supported there.
The Social-Democratic politician also said that she wished she was part of the Environment and Agriculture Commissions of the European Parliament, since she knows pretty well these fields, which share a lot of common issues.
As regards her future collaboration with the representatives of other parties in the EP, Daciana Sarbu mentioned that she anticipated that when delicate or important moments for Romania will occur, no matter they would be part of different political groups, they would be on the same side, as they always did until now.
„We, the Romanian MEPs, were united, we sustained Romania’s cause, as we after all represent Romania, and the people have sent us there for it, and afterwards we represent the interests of the parliamentary groups we are part of”, Daciana Sarbu concluded.

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