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Geoana: Crisis to put pressure on Romanians who work abroad

The economic crisis will also put pressure on the Romanians who work in Spain and therefore, a plan on the medium term needs to be crafted to support them; this plan needs to complement the actions that are immediately needed, Senate chairman Mircea Geoana on Monday told a meeting with representatives of the Romanian community in Spain.
„The crisis will put pressure on the Romanians working in Spain. The Romanian state has not yet adjusted to the massive presence of Romanians abroad. A plan on the medium term is necessary, apart from actions immediately necessary. A serious sociological research on the problems of Romanians in Spain, is also needed,” said Mircea Geoana, cited in a released of the Senate Press Bureau.
Asked about the reasons why the Romanians do not return home for good, the Senate chairman pointed to the differences of civilization between the two countries.
„The Romanians who set off in search of work in Spain, Italy and other European countries or on other continents will not return to Romania unless they find here the same quality of services like in the country where they live now.

If they will have in their home village or town a good school, a hospital, highly-performing infrastructure, but also a professional, reliable and predictable administrative and financial system, they will gladly settle home because Romanians nurture a strong love for their place of birth,” said Mircea Geoana.
The representatives of the Romanians living in Spain presented a lengthy list of problems challenging the community, from aspects related to access to education and Romanian culture, and ending with unemployment, which generally affects the Spanish economy.
Administrative problems were also highlighted, like the release of passports for Romanians living in Spain or the pays of Orthodox priests.
One of the major concerns of Romanian organizations and associations in Spain is the education of children in families settled abroad.
The Senate chairman discussed with representatives of organizations and associations of Romanians living in Spain – FEDROM, FADERE, the Romanian Association of Castilla La Mancha, ARIPI Valencia, the Association of the Romanian Community in Madrid, the Romanian Association of Catalonia, the Trajano Association in Cordoba, the Romanian Association of Valencia AROVA, Casa de Rumania Madrid), the Miorita Association (Madrid), the Romanian Civic Center in Castellon – as well as the journalists from the publication „Romanian in the World.’

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