International meeting on security issues held in Bucharest

The Institute for Political Studies of Defence and Military History and the Institute of Military History of Potsdam (Germany, Organizes May 26-28, at the National Military Club of Bucharest, the 9th edition of a National Conference of the Working Group on the Study of Conflicts as part of the Consortium of the Partnership for Peace of the Academies of Defence of the Institutes of Security Studies, informs the National Defence Ministry.
The international Conference on „End of Empiries, Chalanges to Security, informs the National Defence Ministry and Statehood in National Defence Ministry will bring together researchers and experts from 17 countries, such as Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greech Holand, Poland, Romania, the Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, the United States and Hungary.
The specialists will debate, during the scientific event topics such as the end of empires, and the appearance of new states, on the political map of the world. The end of wars, and the reform of the military interventions and peace operations; characteristics and dimensions of the international security in the post Cold War Period.

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