Iuliu Winkler: Romania must change philosophy of budget construction

MEP Iuliu Winkler, a candidate of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) for the European Parliament (EP), thinks that Romania needs to make a change in the philosophy of the budget construction.
„The Government should think of drawing up a multi-annual budget law, considering the economic situation that is marked by the global crisis, by the European policies as well by the agreements concluded with the IMF and the European Commission.
I think that, both by its outlook on the economic activity and on the budget structure and construction in Romania, the Government must draw closer to the working principles, the requirements and efficiency of the European budget,” said Iuliu Winkler in Resita (north-west of Bucharest).

The Romanian MEP also said that the budget of the European Union was a multi-annual one and the budget provisions were valid for seven years. He mentioned that, during the next sessions of the European Parliament, they would debate the priorities and structure of the EU budget for 2014- 2020.
In his opinion the agreement stipulates some targets that must be achieved in Romania, which are related to the decrease in the budget deficit, to the streamlining of the budget expenditure, to giving other dimensions to the budget employees’ pay.
„On the one hand, we contribute to the EU budget and on the other hand we are fuelled by this budget through the structural funds, and getting in harmony with the Union from this point of view too would lead to a better efficiency in drawing the European funds as the sums of money necessary for co-financing would be included in the multi-annual budget,” added Iuliu Winkler.
„Unfortunately in Romania there was a last budget revision that was rather a failure. It did not solve the problems, it did not set the priorities, which missed anyway. I think that a three-four year prospect on the budget would be beneficent,” also said Iuliu Winkler.

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