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Liberals launch political platform for Euro-elections

Head of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Crin Antonescu, on Monday, alongside 4 other candidates to the European elections, has launched the party’s political platform for the elections due on June 7th, dubbed „The Liberal Europe works on Romania’s behalf”.
According to Antonescu, the future Liberal MEPs have a concrete political mandate with five lines of action: European support for SMEs’ activity in Romania, European support for the farming sector, EP’s support for the Romanians outside the country borders, for the Romanian workers and their right to work within the EU boundaries, the drawing up of a wise and efficient policy towards the Republic of Moldova and the country’s project to accede to the EU and observe the citizens’ rights and liberties.
„We did not have a reword system like other parties, but started from the idea that our MEPs must be able to do two major things: approach European and Romanian matters professionally and use the influence and effectiveness of the European institutions to support Romanians,” he explained.
Norica Nicolai, who opens the list of PNL candidates to the Euro-elections, presented her priorities in case she is elected.
„My main concern will be the law, a fundament of democracy. I will do my best to develop a coherent European legal framework. The way the EU directives are drawn up, mainly in terms of legal cooperation, must be accepted and have a positive echo in Bucharest,” she said.
Adina Valean, incumbent MEP and candidate for another seat has presented her achievements as Europarliamentarian as well as her projects.
„Public policies for citizens have been and will continue to be my top priority. They are liberal public policies based on competition and competitiveness likely to decrease the price of products and services and increase their quality.

My main achievements as MEP have been a cut in the roaming fees throughout the EU, for voice, SMS and data. All European citizens will enjoy smaller prices as of June 1st. Smaller prices at European level will put pressure on the domestic prices so, during the next stage, national telephony fees will drop,” Valean explained.
Cristian Busoi, currently MEP and PNL candidate for a new seat in the European Parliament has also made public his projects. He mentioned his contribution to the endorsement of the EC directives regarding cross-border medical services and the file regarding the European consumer protection reform.
„I will definitely continue to work on the file regarding the Republic of Moldova and we will closely monitor, in the upcoming period, the political evolutions in that country. I believe we have a duty to the Moldovan citizens to make sure the ties between Moldova and the EU improve.
Nevertheless, we will make no exception from the rules of democracy and of the state of law and we will condition any support granted to Moldova on the conducting of some real reforms inside that country,” Busoi stated.
About agriculture, as priority field at the EU level, spoke MEP Magor Csibi, also running for a new MEP seat.
„When it comes to agriculture, I believe that our slogan ‘Money for Romanians, money for Europeans’ makes sense not only to us, but also to our electorate,” Csibi said.
He talked about the energy issue, which, in his opinion, has to be approached at European level not only at country level.

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