MAE: Documents for Romanians abroad to be issued in real time

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) has launched a project to create an information system, allowing to confirm the identity and to issue in real time the documents asked for by Romanian citizens abroad from the consular sections of the diplomatic missions and consular offices of Romania, MAE spokesperson Alin Serbanescu told.
This announcement comes in the context in which the Federation of Romanians Associations in Europe (FADERE) has asked a change in legislation on the issuance of identity documents for Romanians abroad, in the sense of having simplified procedures.
‘MAE is to cooperate with the Ministry of Administration and Interior and with other institutions to install a system allowing the consular staff to verify in real time the identity of persons and the dates related to their identity, the situation of their travel documents, civil status, their criminal records and the driving licenses, now managed by institutions subordinated to MAI’, stressed Alin Serbanescu.
He pointed out that MAE is interested in shortening the processing deadline for various consular services, as well as the issuance of the documents Romanian citizens abroad have applied.
Under the current system, delays in documents issuance are generated by the needed courier transmission time for the applications on paper, containing the identity data and registrations which afterwards must be checked up with MAI data base, explained Serbanescu.
‘That is why the processing time is twice as much often, given that the answer is remitted by the MAI subordinated institutions on the classical communication means, as well’, added MAE spokesperson.
A FADERE delegation pays a visit to Bucharest, having on its agenda a series of meetings with politicians in Romania, on May 25 and 26. The Federation also announced it will ask President Traian Basescu, the Senate Chairman and the Chamber of Deputies Speaker Mircea Geoana and, respectively, Roberta Anastase, to change the law on the issuance of identity documents for Romanians abroad.
‘We wish that the law is amended in order to facilitate the link with the Romanian Ministry of Interior, which deals with the documents issuance and with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which coordinates the activity of Romania’s consulates all over the world’, says FADERE release.
FADERE thinks that the majority of Romanians abroad are prejudged because of the shortcomings contained by this law and asks the Romanian authorities to adopt its change.
Millions of Romanians live outside the national borders, of whom 1,000,000 in Spain. All these persons are confronted with the problem of ‘obtaining and renewing their Romanian identity documents’, added FADERE.

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