Manescu (PNL): Professionalism, efficiency fundamental in European Parliament

The opposition National Liberal Party’s (PNL) member of European Parliament Ramona Mane scu has told she will focus her campaign for being elected to a fresh MEP’s term on the issues of accessing the European funds.
‘I’ll keep on struggling for raising the awareness relating the benefits we can have by accessing the European funds. I said it and I’ll repeat it: at this difficult moment in terms of the economy, such benefits can be the ace up Romania’s sleeve, both in order to overcome the crisis and for the later-on development’, Manescu stressed.
She said that the degree of the fund absorption can be improved by informing the Romanians with respect to the opportunities they might have by accessing such money, and also by ‘cutting red- tape’.
The National Liberal MEP argued that the projects by which Romania can access the European funds include the environmental protection, infrastructure and the projects meant to sustain the business climate.
‘The areas to which the European money goes are essential to the economic recovery and to subsequent development. We speak of environmental projects, major infrastructure projects, we speak of the money given to support the business climate, structural funds worth more than 60 million euros that fund projects involving the unemployed persons’ integration in the job market and job-keeping. All these are funds Romania not only can, but it also must access’, she stressed.
When asked to express her opinion of the other contestants’ pre-election campaign programmes, Manescu answered that although the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD) and Democrat Liberal Party (PD-L) have lists of competent people, most of them however face a ‘lack of ideas’.
‘There are persons on the PSD and PD-L lists whose competence I cannot deny, persons with whom I have worked in the current tenure very well, but there are also enough people who have not yet explained what benefits their presence in the European Parliament can bring the Romanians. Too many of these candidates lack programmes that they should put forward to the Romanians and such lack of ideas and solutions will not help our country in the European Parliament. Competence, professionalism and efficiency are fundamental in the European Parliament’, Ramona Manescu stressed.

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