Nearly 3,700 pensionable CFR staff to be laid off

Nearly 3,700 pensionable workers of the CFR national rail carrier will be laid off, while the cuts in the pay and other pay benefits will generate savings equivalent to the total wages of 4,000 CFR workers, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Radu Berceanu said on Monday.
‘This is a first step we are taking to solve the difficult situation of rail workers and railways in Romania. Other measures will follow, including a point-by-point analysis of the state of train stations and non-performing routes as well as other measures aiming to cut expenses,’ said Berceanu at the end of negotiations with trade unions.
Trade union leaders say the lay-off of pensionable workers is a good solution, given that they will draw a pension, compared with the case when they would have been made redundant.
‘Between two evils, that is workers being laid off without redundancy payment, and retirement, which at least guarantees them a monthly pension, we have chosen the lesser one,’ said Chairman of the CFR Service and Trade Union Federation Gheorghe Popa.
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