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Over 84,000 Romanians abroad would vote for candidates of countries they are in

Over 84,000 Romanians in the diaspora voiced wish to vote, in the europarliamentary elections on June 7, for the candidates of the countries they were in, not for the ones in Romania, as only 24,000 Romanians went to the polls abroad in the autumn elections.
They estimate that more Romanians in the diaspora will cast their vote in the elections for the European Parliament, considering the fact that tourists will vote too. Thus, according to the legislation on organizing and holding the elections for the EP, the Romanian citizens will be able to vote even if they are temporarily abroad unlike during the previous polls, when the only to vote were the persons who had the abode or residence in the country where they were at the time of voting.
The citizens abroad who put their names on the local rolls intending to vote for the candidates of the states they were in do no longer have the right to vote for the ones in their country of origin, explained the head of election bureau 48, Judge Gabriela Florescu, on Friday.

On the other hand, 28 citizens form 11 European Union member states voiced intention to vote for Romanian candidates for the European Parliament.
According to Law 33/2007, the names of the community citizens having a vote are put, at their request, on a special electoral register by the mayor of the administrative territorial unit where they have their residence or abode.
Thirty days before the date of the elections the mayors sent the Permanent Election Authority (AEP) copies of the applications for putting their names on the special electoral registers, accompanist by copies of the identity documents of the community citizens.
In its turn AEP notified the similar election authorities in the 11 EU member states whose citizens residing in Romania voiced wish to vote for members of the European Parliament coming from Romania.
The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) organizes, for the June 7 elections, 86 polling stations outside Europe to add to the diplomatic missions and consular offices in Europe as well as six polling stations in the operations theatres in order to give the Romanian citizens abroad the chance to cast their vote.
Some of the polling stations outside Europe are the 19 ones opened in the US, three polling stations in Australia, 4 polling stations in Canada (one more than in the November 2008 elections), three polling stations in Israel and three polling stations in the People’s Republic of China. All in all MAE organized 190 polling stations abroad, 98 of them being in Europe.

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