PM Boc to take part in PD-L MPs’ meeting with President Basescu

The parliamentarians of the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD- L), in the ruling coalition, from both chambers are scheduled to discuss this evening with President Traian Basescu aspects of the ongoing economic crisis and their parliamentarian agenda, PD-L Chairman, Prime Minister Emil Boc, said today after a meeting of the party’s National Leading College.
He added that he will join the MPs in their meeting with Persidnet Basescu. ‘That is why I have been invited, and that is why I will be attending,’ said Boc.
PD-L Deputy Chairman Gheorghe Flutur said the President came to the party’s discussions every time he was invited.
‘The initiative of the PD-L MP groups comes from a simple reason, that we are going through very difficult times and it is good to discuss. Remember that the President has joined the Government and the Parliament is committing to overcome the crisis, and there will certainly be discussions and suggestions at the meeting,’ Flutur explained.
He also said that the PD-L MPs want to know the steps to be taken by Romania and the President’s stance. President Traian Basescu is attending a meeting this evening with PD-L MPs initiated by the party.
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