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PM Boc urges Romanians to turn out to vote on June 7

President of the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L), Prime Minister Emil Boc, on Monday called on Romanians to turn out to vote on June 7 and put the stamp on the name of the party under his leadership, arguing that this political formation has taken over the helm of the country in difficult moments, both in 2005 and after the parliamentary elections in December last year.
Speaking in the opening of the event for the presentation of the Democratic-Liberal Party’s candidates for EP in Bucharest hosted by the National Theater, the Prime Minister listed a number of achievements of both PD-L and the current ruling line-up, which took the country over „out of money and with a pile of debts.”
The head of the government reminded the measures aimed at containing the effects of the economic crisis, mentioning in this context that positive signs are already showing in Romanian economy, „which bothers many and also the analysts who are upset that things are not going worse.”

„PD-L is part of the most powerful European formation and has the most powerful ticket. (…) At domestic level, we committed to the act of government. This government did not have one minute of honeymoon, but analysis are upset that things are not faring worse. Therefore, we work together with the Romanians,” said Boc.
Among the projects whereby the Democratic-Liberals plan to support the Bucharesters are the completion of the works at the Basarab passage, the Lia Manoliu Stadium, and the energy-efficient rehabilitation of blocks of flats, all these measures enjoying the support of the current Government.
Emil Boc announced the promotion of the law on the public-private partnership.
The Prime Minister called on the Romanians to show solidarity on the voting day which falls on the Pentecost, concluding that PD-L has been at their side in hard times and wants to further stay so.

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