PNL: Infringement procedure looming over Romania

Deputy of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Bogdan Olteanu said on Monday that the infringement procedure might be initiated against Romania, should the regulations of the Government’s Emergency Ordinance No. 34/2009 on the non-deductibility of the VAT for the acquisition of automotive s, fuels and vehicle repair not be scrapped.
Olteanu said that a similar regulation was introduced in Poland and the European Court of Justice requested that this provision be removed, as failure to do so would have triggered the infringement procedure.
„If the Romanian entrepreneurs decide to defend their business and interests against state abuse, we believe that a similar decision will be taken in Romania’s case too, because this is a similar situation. (…)
Whoever is affected by VAT non-deductibility can apply to have the provisions of the emergency ordinance on VAT non-refunding reversed. PNL also voices its support for the taxpayers who wish to defend their interests in court, be they Romanian instances or the European Court of Justice,” said Bogdan Olteanu.
In his opinion, the measure taken by the Government is burdensome for investors.
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