Ramona Manescu: Economic crisis can be managed through stimulating investments

Liberal MEP (from the National Liberal Party – PNL, in opposition) Ramona Manescu believes that the economic issues should have priority in the debates during the campaign for the European elections due on June 7, especially in the context of the global economic crisis.
‘Romanians, the same as all the other European citizens, expect the national government to bring solutions to overcome recession, but expect also coherent and rapid measures at the European level.
Thus, the stake ahead of the upcoming European elections is very high, with the role of the next MEPs to be crucial in how the economies of the member states will evolve,’ Ramona Manescu said in an interview.
He also underlined Romania might not be able to overcome the crisis as long as leftist measures are taken and imposed in economy.
‘My belief and the Liberal Party’s is that Romania’s economy would not able to overcome this dramatic moment and develop as long as the incumbent left-wing government blocks private initiatives, discourages consumption and drives away investors, by overtaxing them.

The Romanian economy will recover when the tax system will become more relaxed. The middle class will develop if we reduce contributions to the social security system, and not if we make them higher,’ Ramona Manescu said.
The Liberal MEP also specified that, in her opinion, the PNL would be able to manage in an efficient manner the economic crisis through stimulating investments, creating jobs and encouraging consumption.
‘The PNL is the single party able to manage an economic situation of such a gravity. It proved it in the latest four years when, by reducing taxes and stimulating investments, it managed to bring Romania on the first position in Europe in terms of economic growth.
That’s why, the National Liberal Party believes the right-wing solutions aiming at stimulating investments, creating jobs and encouraging consumption, are the single ones to be bale to stop the effects of the crisis, with us, the Liberals, fighting hard to promote them,’ The PNL MEP said.
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