Romania, Serbia hold consultations on security issues

State Secretary for strategic affairs Bogdan Aurescu is attending bilateral Romanian – Serbian consultations on security issues, in Belgrade on Monday.
The two sides will approach topics of common interest, regarding the bilateral relations, the NATO and EU commitment in the region and the security situation in the Balkans, the Foreign Ministry said in a release.
The consultations’ agenda schedules talks with senior officials of the Serbian Foreign Ministry among whom Deputy Minister for NATO and Defence Affairs Zoran Vujic, Assistant Foreign Minister for Multilateral Affairs Vuk Zugic and a meeting with State Secretary at the Defence Ministry Dusan Spasojevic.
‘Ensuring a stable, democratic and prosperous neighborliness is one of the action directions of Romania’s current foreign policy. Romania will continue enhancing NATO’s profile related to the Western Balkan region with a view to promoting its security interests.
Romania will encourage Serbia to make the utmost use of its cooperation instruments and its individual training programmes offered by the Partnership for Peace,’ Aurescu said before leaving for Belgrade.
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