Ruling coalition leaders discuss energy strategy

The leaders of the ruling coalition of Democrat Liberals and Social Democrats on Monday discussed drafting the Romanian energy strategy, with vice-Premier Dan Nica announcing that the participants in the meeting had been presented a report in this respect.
According to the ruling coalition partners, there is need of a change of mentality and attitude with respect to the energy strategy.
‘The Romanian energy system is unique in Europe in terms of the way it is organised. We have decided that this strategy, which is considering several verified scenarios, both at home and outside Romania, should be put forward to debates in June, so that we may take a final decision on a project for Romania of the next 20 years’, Nica stressed.
He explained the scenarios are largely based on the calculation of the consumption, on the one hand and a mixture of energy policies on the other, so that the electricity tariff may be a good one as a result of the setting up of new powerful energy companies, that should offer the best price and should have a major presence in the internal and international market.
Nica announced that electricity and gas tariffs will be cut by more than the currently planned 5 percent. He explained, however, that he didn’t want to cite a certain percentage, since the cut in such tariffs will ultimately depend on the scenarios to lie at the basis of the national energy strategy and on the imported raw material, i.e. on their price.
‘A price cut will be felt the moment such companies enter the regulated market. It is complicated to quote a percentage now’, Nica said.
The vice-premier voiced satisfaction that by the setting up of the new companies Romania will become a powerful player in the Balkans.

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