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Ruling coalition leaders focus on „First home” programme

The ruling coalition leaders (comprising the Social Democratic Party, PSD and the Liberal Democrat Party, PD-L), reunited in their weekly meeting in the Senate on Monday, debated the „First home” programme, so that the Executive could identify the added measures which would allow those appealing to this programme to benefit of the lowest possible interest rates.
In this context, at the end of the Central Coordinating Political Bureau of the coalition, Vice- premier Dan Nica announced that on Tuesday the Minister for SMEs, Trade and Business Environment, Constantin Nita, will carry out talks with the interested factors in order to identify the added measures conducive to the „First home” programme having the effects and amplitude wished for by the beneficiaries.
„As regards the „First home” programme we have to amend the normative act on the counter- guaranteeing fund and to modify the measure package, so that it offers a lower interest rate. We will have to assess the banks’ interest in this programme. An interest rate cut is needed, not just a few percentage points, but a real reduction”, underlined Dan Nica.

Last week, Prime Minister Emil Boc announced that the Executive is to guarantee the mortgage lending for people seeking to acquire a first home.
„The Government approved through a Memorandum the „First home” programme. This programme is destined to aid people who want to buy a first home and did not benefit in the past of a mortgage loan. (…)
We know the difficulties met by people when buying a house, either they lack the down payment, or have an insufficient income to be able to repay the loan to the bank”, said PM Boc.
In practice, the programme can be implemented through a state guarantee, according to the Premier, and the maximum loan value to be guaranteed is of 60,000 euros.
Emil Boc gave assurances that in maximum 60 days this programme will be operational and all interested people in acquiring a first home, who fulfill the conditions, can benefit of this aid.
Beneficiaries will be individuals, mainly youth, who want to buy a home, either in new buildings, or in the old ones, and who did not take a mortgage loan in the past. The banks participating in this programme must meet the eligibility conditions.

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