Tarom to resume flights to Amsterdam on June 6

Romania’s Tarom national air carrier will resume flights from Bucharest to Amsterdam, after a five-year break, Tarom reports in a press release.
With the resumption of the service, Tarom and Dutch KLM air carrier have signed a code shear cooperation agreement for Bucharest-Amsterdam back and forth flights.
The agreement is to come into force on June 1 and allow the two companies to extend their offer to the customers of either of them. Tarom Marketing and Sales Manager Gabriela Bordea says the agreement will lead to an improvement in Tarom’s flight network and an increase in the number passengers on board.
KLM and Tarom will be allowed to offer transport services under their own flight number on routes serviced by either. Passengers are offered four daily flights from Bucharest to Amsterdam when the new flight frequency of Tarom adds up to the existing three flights operated by KLM.
Under the code share agreement, KLM will be allowed to trade, under its own flight numbers, domestic flights operated by Tarom to and from Iasi, Timisoara, Cluj and Sibiu.
KLM Commercial Executive Officer Erik Varwijk says the agreement will benefit both carriers.
KLM passengers will have more possibilities of travelling to Romania from various world destinations, he says. KLM Flying Blue mileage programme will now add mileage benefits from the flights operated by Tarom for which tickets are sold under KLM flight numbers, while the Tarom passengers will have access to the entire route network of KLM from the Amsterdam Airport, he says.
KLM Romania Director Alexandru Dobrescu says the new flights under code share will allow the development of travelling opportunities by increasing the number of services between Bucharest and Amsterdam, as well as of the connecting flights available at the Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, which was voted the best 2008 European airport.
The resumption of flights from Bucharest to the Schiphol Airport of Amsterdam marks an extension in Tarom’s business development plan. Its route network comprises 34 international destinations in 20 countries from Europe, North America and the Middle East and 11 domestic destinations.
The code share agreement with KLM is a step forward in Tarom’s joining the SkyTeam Alliance, says Tarom Director General Ruxandra B rutaru.
Tarom is expected to join the SkyTeam Alliance, of which KLM is already a member, in 2010.

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