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Ambassador Oren David: President Basescu’s visit to Israel, a heyday of bilateral relations

Just short before the official visit President Traian Basescu will be paying to Israel, this country’s Ambassador in Bucharest, Oren David, gave an interview on which occasion he referred to the significance of this fist trip the head of the Romanian state undertakes to Jerusalem, to the areas where bilateral cooperation could still be deepened and expanded, the 60 years of uninterrupted diplomatic relations the two states have been having and the domestic and foreign goals of the Netanyahu Cabinet.
Romania’s President Traian Basescu will travel to Israel on an official visit over end-May and early June, taking the top-level bilateral political dialogue to a new stage. According to the Ambassador of the State of Israel in Bucharest Oren David, this visit will be the high point of the solemn events marking 60 years of uninterrupted diplomatic relations between Romania and Israel, which will wrap up a few days after President Traian Basescu’s visit.

Ambassador Oren David reminded that diplomatic relations between the two countries were established on 11 June 1948, therefore June 11 this year marks the 61st anniversary of their establishment. Symbolically, the celebration ceremonies will end a few days after this event, the diplomat said.
„Given the anyway excellent relations the two countries are having in all areas, and that include all realms that can be imagined – political, economic, and cultural cooperation, relations between the two nations, government-to-government ties and others – it is a challenge for us to take them to an even higher level, given that there is so little room to improve them any further.
There is however a particular area where cooperation relations could be developed to an even higher degree, namely cooperation in environmental technology. Solar energy is another possible line of enhanced cooperation, because in Israel we have few sources of water, but the sun is our only natural resource we have plenty of,” said David Oren.

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