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Anastase supports EU-Russia cooperation, especially in times of crisis

Democrat-liberal Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber Roberta Anastase on Tuesday at the Europe – Russia Economic Forum held in Bucharest said the lack of cooperation between the European Union (EU) and the Russian Federation is even more visible amid the current economic crisis.
‘Our cooperation must share the same criteria, which are universally valid, in order to meet some multiple challenges as soon as possible. We need a functional, free and diversified market on
the energy sector, that should meet both the suppliers’ and the consumers’ needs in a predictable and constant manner.
Our political dialogue must take into account and promote the common interest shared by Russia and the European Union in having stable, prosperous and democratic relations with their neighbors, with no severe dissensions between the government and the governed.
We are facing a financial and global crisis that highlights even more the price of non-cooperation. Today, more than in the past years, steering the focus and the public resources away from the top priority of overcoming the crisis and lessening its effects towards false rivalries results in visible costs, both on the short and the long-term’, Roberta Anastase said.
In her opinion, the dialogue between EU and the Russian Federation should accept ‘today, more than in the past years’, the diversity of opinion.
‘We, the East European states have had to learn the principles and practices of democratic discourse all over again over the past decades.

This intense and sometimes frustrating experience due to its challenges has made us understand that no one, no party, no social group and no institution holds the absolute truth and that the best solutions for our companies and countries are built on free and responsible exchange of divergent views, provided that such action is carried out in good faith and with respect to the interlocutor.
This type of discourse, honest and open, has also made possible the establishment of the European Union. It turned out to be relevant and necessary not only within some transition societies, but in the dialogue between the countries as well.
Only in this way did we manage to overcome historical disagreements and former disputes that seemed impossible to deal with and to build today a geopolitical space that meets the essential needs of its members, where conflict is hard to imagine’, Roberta Anastase added.
The Speaker of the lower chamber of Parliament underscored EU and Russia must develop a coherent, consistent and predictable relationship. According to Roberta Anastase, such relationship is possible, given the ‘European vocation’ of the Russian Federation.
Moreover, Anastase said the two political blocks need to acknowledge the differences between them and identify solutions for an amicable relationship, with the Europe – Russia Economic Forum held in Romania being a step in the right direction.

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