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Basescu: Assuming responsibility is solution to fast approval of codes

President Traian Basescu late on Monday said that assuming responsibility is the solution to a fast approval of the codes of justice, but he added that, in his opinion, the pension law and the single wage law as well as the modification of the electoral law are also priorities.
‘Categorically yes, there is no other solution for the fast passage of the codes’, Basescu said when asked whether he supports the Government’s assuming responsibility on the codes of justice.
The president, who made the remarks after a meeting with the Democrat Liberal (PD -L) parliamentarians, stressed he was glad the MPs invited him to their meeting, since they are the largest political groups in Parliament and ‘have the biggest political responsibility at this moment’, as the prime minister is a PD-L member. Basescu added that the Democrat Liberal parliamentarians had sought to know what the legislative priorities are in the Romanian president’s view.

Another priority, he said, is to keep the PD-L pledge to modify the electoral law, so as to avoid that ‘a gentleman ranking third or fourth (by the election results – editor’s note) get to Parliament, and the one on the top spot stay at home.’ He explained there is the possibility to stage two rounds of voting or only one round, so that the one who wins may be representative for that electoral college.
‘I also deemed necessary to make a decision on the education law, but this of course depends on the ruling partners too. Education is collapsing in terms of quality, it has become an education system in which the trade unions and politicians see their goals, not the goals of the pupils and students fulfilled.
The quality of education for pupils and students has constantly dropped, while the trade unions and politicians have been reforming education for 20 years, but they are doing it to their benefit, not to the benefit of the beneficiaries who are the pupils’, President Basescu said.

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