Basescu: Do not worry about what I do this autumn

President Traian Basescu stated on Monday evening, at the end of a meeting with the parliamentary groups of the Liberal Democrat Party (PD-L, in ruling coalition), party he used to lead till winning the presidential mandate, that the deputies and senators from this party wished to know if he plans to candidate in the presidential elections, but he replied he has other priorities at the moment.
„I told them what I am telling you now. Do not worry about what I do this autumn. What do you want, to play in the sand with spades? What do you want me to do till the proper moment?”, Basescu asked rhetorically.
Asked by the MPs what are his plans related to the candidacy, he replied that his current priorities are the reduction of the crisis effects and continuation of reform processes.
„This question is legitimate. But I beg you – not only them, but you included – do not worry about what I do in the autumn. I give you assurances I am going to do what is needed, but for the time being I have other priorities. My priorities consist in seeing the crisis effects reduced, the continuation of the reform process, these are my priorities.
And the moment will come when I will take the best decision”, said the President.
He said that he had informed PD-L parliamentary groups on the fact he will continue to go into the territory. „I will further do what I have been doing throughout my mandate”, he added.


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