Chamber of Deputies: Genetically modified organisms may enter market

The deputies passed the draft bill on the approval of the Ordinance 43/2007 on the deliberate introduction of the genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the environment and the market, by 182 votes, two cons and 12 abstentions on Tuesday.
The law is aimed at the achievement of a functional system regarding the introduction of the GMOs to the market through clarifying the responsibilities incumbent on all the elements involved in the field as well as the existence of a strict registration of the organisms entering the market.
The draft bill stipulates the existence of the Commission for biological security made of 12 full and 4 alternate members who hold academic and/or university degrees and are well known scientific personalities.

Thus the Commission’s members are to come from the following institutions: three titulars and an alternate member from the Romanian Academy and/or the institutions it coordinates, three titulars and an alternate member from the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences and/or the institutions subordinated to it, three full and an alternate members from the Academy of Medical Sciences, three full and one alternate members form the biology, agriculture or medicine universities or research institutes.
The Commission for biological security is to cooperate and co-work with the similar bodies of other member countries and with Romanian and foreign experts.
During the plenary sitting on Monday May 25, all the officials of the parliamentary parties admitted and acknowledged the usefulness on the Ordinance.
The future belongs to the great scientific discoveries and achievements, opined the chairman of the Commission for Agriculture Deputy Valeriu Tabara.
It is the Chamber of Deputies to decide in the case of this law that the Senate approved in 2007.

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