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Danone Romania sales dropped by 10 percent in Q1

The sales of the dairy products maker Danone Romania dropped by 10 percent in the first quarter of 2009 as against the similar time span last year, but the management of the company estimates a comeback in the second part of the year.
„We estimate that we shall see a rise in the sales volume in the second part of this year against the background of lowering the price by eight percent on average for all the Danone products, starting in July,” said managing director of the company Stephane Batoux.
In 2008 Danone Romania posted about 125 million euros in turnover and for 2009 the management estimates a similar one, maybe a little lower, about 120-125 million euros.
Danone Romania in late April already lowered the price by about 22 percent of one of the its products, namely the Casa buna yoghurt.

According to the managing director of Danone Romania, the company will go on employing the same number of persons although in all fields of activity there were dismissals. At present Danone Romania has almost 750 employees.
The milk processing plant in Bucharest has a capacity of 200 tonnes a day, the annual output amounting to 70,000 tonnes of milk products.
According to the representatives of the above- mentioned company, while processing, Danone Romania uses 95 percent raw materials bought from the Romanian market, generally from the farms round Bucharest and 90 percent of the portfolio of products are entirely made in Romania.
Danone Romania exports about 5-10 percent of its total production to five European countries.

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