Exports of chemical fertilizers worth half billion euros in 2008

Romania exported chemical fertilizers worth more than a half of billion euros last year, that is 4 times the level of imports. Nevertheless, analysts on the relevant market are saying local producers will face a critical situation in 2009, in the context the state does not take measures to support local farmers and discourage imports, the Business Standard daily reads on Tuesday.
Romania imported 300,000 tonnes of chemical fertilizers last year, totalling 149 million euros, while exports worth almost 2 million tonnes brought revenues worth 559 million euros to local producers.
‘Last year was an exceptional year for the producers of chemical fertilizers, due to very good conditions on the international market. The demand was very high, which led to an increase in the exports and prices, wherefrom an exponential growth in value was seen too,’ Paul Brendea, financial analyst with the financial services and investment company Prime Transaction, quoted by Business standard, said.
The most important export markets for Romania were last year France, which bought fertilizers worth 60.8 million euros, Turkey, 46.4 million euros and Hungary, 65 million euros. Russia was the most important partner for imports, with Romanian importers concluding deals worth 31 million euros with this country. The second import market was Austria, and the third Tunisia, with almost 21.5 million euros.
The total quantity of fertilizers imported reached 19 thousands tonnes, worth almost 5 million euros. The value of exports reached 5.8 million euros for 30.9 thousands tonnes. Romanian imported the most from the Russian Federation, 6,507 tonnes worth 1.27 million euros. Romania exported the most to Ukraine, 8,2928 tonnes worth 1.5 million euros, the abovementioned daily also reads.

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