FADERE suggests plan for Romanians’ return from Spain

Federation of Romanian Associations in Europe (FADERE) urged the Romanian authorities to work out a plan on Romanians’ return home from Spain.
According to a release, FADERE representatives will suggest to Prime Minister Emil Boc the elaboration of a plan on Romanians’ return home from abroad. According to the same release, some 300,000 Romanians in Spain are currently unemployed, and many are interested in returning to the country of origin.
FADERE proposals to this end include the following: Romanian authorities to finance the vocational training for Romanians in Spain in activity fields where there is a heavy demand on the labor market in Romania, tax exemption for the companies employing Romanians who return home.
As well, FADERE suggests that in the countries with large Romanian communities free consultancy centers must be set up, where those wishing to return to Romania and to open European- funded businesses will receive information on the current legislation and the access means to such funds and Romanians who acquired vehicles in some other countries and come back to Romania to be exempted of the registration tax.
At the same time, FADERE has in view the organization of Romanian language, literature and culture lessons for the children of Romanians who plan to return back to the country of origin, mainly for those born abroad, as well as the equation of the period of children’s studies abroad and the validation of children’s and adults’ diplomas obtained in other countries worldwide.
„We see the return home as beneficial both for Romanians living abroad and for Romania, as well”, emphasized Daniel Tecu, FADERE President, the press release signatory.

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