ForMin to open at least two new consulates in Italy in 2009

The Romanian Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu on Tuesday gave assurances that Romania will open at least another two consulates in Italy this year.
His statement fallows the protests of 40 Romanians part of the Romeni di Padova association, in front of Romania’s Embassy in Rome, against the Romanian authorities failing to keep their promises, namely, the setting up of a consulate in their city.
„Minister Diaconescu gave assurances that two or even three consulates will be opened this year, depending on the funds available.
The Romanians in Padova voiced dissatisfaction at not having a consulate in their city, given that the region of Veneto and that around Padova is home to 140,000 Romanians, who have to go all the way to Milan or Rome if they need an official paper issued by the Romanian authorities.
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