Fourth edition of International Congress E-health 2009 in Bucharest

Romanian Minister of Health Ion Bazac and the Bucharest general mayor Sorin Oprescu on Tuesday are to participate, together with guests from seven European countries, in the opening of the E-health 2009 International Congress in Bucharest.
4th edition of this Congress the Hilton Hotel in Bucharest is going to host for two days was dedicated to the future of the healthcare system in Romania. The E-health 2009 event was organized by Taurus Media in cooperation with the Romanian edition of the British Medical Journal and aims at improving the quality, safety and efficiency in medical practice.
Dr. Jacob Hofdijk, the Chairman of the European Federation for Medical Informatics, the Netherlands, and Christian Marolt, executive manager and chief editor of Healthcare IT management, European Association of Healthcare IT Managers, are going to join the e-health experts who confirmed their presence at the event.
Christian Marolt is going o moderate the session to focus on the current trends and challenges on the European e-health market. Dr. Jacob Hofdijk is going to present in his turn the newest e-health technologies from the perspective of the international patient. ‘The future healthcare system depends on the degree of computerization,’ Hofdijk said.
The general mayor of the Romanian capital is going thus to refer to the effects of the Government’s decision to decentralize administration, with hospitals to be subordinated to city halls.
Among the topics debated at the congress there were: e-health solutions for the management of chronic diseases, the electronic evidence of the patients, the virtual telemedicine: mobile E-health services, networking technologies and E-health integration, the perspective of family medicine and of equipping hospitals and private clinics with computers.
Experts from Austria, Belgium, UK, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, the Netherlands and Romania, managers of hospitals, private clinics, doctors, pharmacologists, representatives of the most important businesses in Romania are going to participate in an active manner in the debates on the modalities to implement the E-health systems, from the perspective of their own needs.
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