Justice ancillary personnel go on all-out strike

The General Assembly of the ‘Projust’ Union Federation decided on Tuesday to go on all-out strike, yet with no specific date established for this action.
„Projust” president Stefania Teleman announced that the members of the General Assembly unanimously voted in favor of the strike after failing to reach an agreement with Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu upon their claims.
The registrars, file keepers and other categories of ancillary personnel started protests about one month, ago, staging also a warning strike due to discontent over the breach of their rights.
The reasons of discontent include: the default on backlog wage payments won in court decisions; workload standardization; non-observance of the Labor Code and of the legislation in force for the payment of extra hours; vacancies being blocked in the system.
During the protests organized throughout the country, court clerks and file keepers complained that they are now in the situation of working for no pay.
They also argued that court decisions were handed down acknowledging their right to collect the wages withheld for eight years now and that payments are made in a discriminating manner, for identical responsibilities.
After the warning strike, the union representatives met with Minister Catalin Predoiu several times seeking an agreement, but with no results.
‘Projust’ members put much of the blame on the Ministry of Labor, as it has three times refused to mediate the conflict of interests arisen between the union federation and the Ministry of Justice, as the main credit release authority.

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