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Liberal Democrats in Bucharest launch candidacy for EP

PD-L needs to offer Romanian citizens a chance to repair a vote they surely regret by now not casting one year ago, Tourism Minister Elena Udrea said on Monday, at the launch of the PD-L candidates for the European elections in Bucharest.
In her speech on the stage of the National Theatre, Elena Udrea criticized the main competitors of the PD-L, saying that the PSD ‘the Party of the Dalmatians of Geoana do not know what way to run, misleading people,’ while PNL ‘are now fighting with each other for they don’t know where the money from the Government is.’
The No.4 candidate Cristian Preda advised Romanians to vote for PD-L for this party ‘will not send to museum’ active and valuable people.
Traian Ungureanu referred to PSD too, in his turn, showing two traditions bend in the party’s history: that of the communism and of Caragiale (Romanian humouristic writer).
Monica Macovei, No 2. on the PD-L list of candidates for the euro-parliamentary elections, promised that if she becomes MEP she will bring home from Brussels ‘the rule of law state and the justice.’

‘PSD and PNL both lied Romanians and Europe, while we are still trusted, for we have always been fair. We want to carry on our traditions, but only the good ones. I wouldn’t want to send our „barons” to Europe and to make from them „euro-barons „,’ she said.
Alexandru Nazare, No 14 candidate, criticized Adrian Severin, the No. 1 candidate on the PSD list for euro-parliamentary elections, saying about him ‘he is concerned only with his own personality.’
The Minister of Regional Development Vasile Blaga, coordinator of the PD-L electoral campaign, sent a message to get Democrat Liberals mobilized, asking for better results in the districts 1 and 2 at the euro-parliamentary elections, compared with the elections in November last year.
He also asked all those who won in the local elections to get mobilized for the party „will reward them too,” if they manage to hit the 40 percent score.
According to Blaga, PD-L could obtain 15 seats in the EP, with 6 candidates being from the districts in Bucharest.

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